Ashmoor Lakes remains closed due to COVID -19, to slow the transmission of, and protect vulnerable customers and staff.

We plan to re-open the fishery again on 1st MARCH 2021, assuming all remains well and the risk of COVID-19 has reduced sufficiently by then.

Updates will be posted here on this official Ashmoor Lakes website, and on our Instagram page, ashmoor_lakes.

Until then, our fish continue to be fed and cared for and the fishery tended and maintained during our closure. 

As the fishery is currently closed, anyone found on the property, either around the lakes or in the woodland, trespassing, will be banned from the fishery.

Fishery Rules:

  • No children under 16 allowed on the premisis at any time


  • No dogs


  • No littering. take all litter home or use bins provided


  • Dip all nets before fishing in the net dips provide


  • Landing nets and unhooking mat MUST be used. Each angler must be in posession of their own net and mat, and not share nets and mats between multiple people.


  • All hooks to be barbless, and no larger than size 10


  • No radios


  • No alcohol


  • No fly fishing


  • No spinners/lures etc


  • No keepnets


  • All fish to be returned to the water unharmed


  • Baited tackle must not be left unattended


  • No large amounts of groundbait to be used


  • Anglers to fish from one swim only


  • No night fishing


  • The owners of Ashmoor Lakes accept no responsibility for loss, damage or accident of any nature whatsoever to the property or persons within the fishery grounds 


  • Anyone caught breaking these rules will be asked to leave and may be banned from the fishery