Frequently Asked Questions

What time do you open and close?

Opening and closing times vary throughout the year depending on when sunrise and sunset is. To find out when the opening times are, you can check this website!

This is the official Ashmoor Lakes website and is the ONLY one that will be accurate as we change the details on here first. 

How do I pay for a ticket to fish?

Just turn up and start fishing. Fishery staff will be round to collect ticket money (cash only) at some point.

I've arrived after the opening time, but the gate is shut! Is the fishery closed?

No, simply get out and open the gate, ensuring that once you are in, you return the gate to the closed position behind you.

Where is the best place to fish?

All of the lakes at Ashmoor are joined underground by pipes, allowing the fish to move between them freely. There is, therefore, no best place to fish and no lake specifically housing the biggest fish, They could be anywhere!

My child is under the age of 16, but they are well-behaved/they wont run around/I'll keep an eye on them/I wondered if this rule still applies/I'll be fishing and they wont be...etcetera.

Can I bring them down to fish?

No under 16's allowed on site under ANY circumstances. This is an insurance issue.

If in any doubt, please re-read the above sentence.