Welcome to Ashmoor Lakes!

Ashmoor Lakes is set within the beautifully wooded area of Ashmoor Copse. We have 3 lakes over about an acre of land, and 36 fishable swims. The ponds are well landscaped and have reeds and lilies to create features to fish to.


All 3 lakes are joined underground by a series of pipes to allow all the fish to move between the 3 ponds, meaning that where ever you sit, there is always a chance of catching all the fish species that reside here.


We are a mixed fishery and species include Carp, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch and Barbel. There are also the odd Grass Carp, Golden Rudd, Chub, Golden Orfe, Crucian Carp and Goldfish to be found too.


There is a lot of wildlife in and around the lakes and regular visitors are ducks, Buzzards, Kingfishers and all manner of song birds. Keep an eye out for our resident grass snakes in the spring and summer and woodpeckers making use of the few surrounding dead trees.


Facilities on site include net dips, bins and a toilet.


Day tickets are £10 per angler for up to 2 rods, and anglers pay from the bank, so you can turn up and start fishing straight away

Ashmoor News!

No Under 16's

From the emails of late a lot of people seem VERY unclear as to the 'No children under 16 allowed on the premises at any time' rule.

Just to clarify:


NO children under the age of 16 are allowed on the premises of Ashmoor Lakes, or surrounding woodland or property, at any time


Even if...

  • It's only you fishing, and they won't be (see also 'No Non-fishing Guests. No Spectators' rule)
  • They are well behaved
  • You promise they wont run around and muck about
  • You'll keep an eye on them
  • You think the website is not updated and you think the rule has changed in the past 20+ years (which it hasn't)
  • They are 15 and that's near enough surely
  • They have come just to help you pack up
  • They are a baby and will be asleep and in the pram/pushchair the whole time
  • It'll only be for an hour (or any other period of time)

it's still NO under 16's allowed at ANY time



  • No under 16's allowed on site under ANY circumstances. This is an insurance issue.
  • If in any doubt, please re-read the above sentence.

Opening Times

Opening time: 8am

Closing time: 7pm


Gates will be locked at closing time

Ashmoor Lakes Rules

  • No children under 16 allowed on the premises at any time
  • No Dogs
  • No Littering. Take all litter home or use bins provided
  • Dip all nets before fishing in the net dips provided
  • Landing nets and unhooking mat MUST be used. Each angler must be in possession of their own net and mat, and not share nets and mats between multiple people
  • All hooks to be barbless, and no larger than size 10
  • No Radios
  • No Alcohol
  • No fires/stoves/barbeques etc
  • No Bait Boats
  • No Boats
  • No Plastic Baits
  • No Fly fishing
  • No Spinners/lures etc
  • No Braided Line
  • No keepnets
  • All fish to be returned to the water unharmed
  • Baited tackle must not be left unattended
  • No large amounts of groundbait to be used
  • Anglers to fish from one swim only
  • No Non-fishing Guests. No Spectators
  • Maximum of 2 rods to be set up at one time
  • No night fishing
  • The owners of Ashmoor Lakes accept no responsibility for loss, damage or accident of any nature whatsoever to the property, vehicles, or persons within the fishery grounds
  • Anyone caught breaking these rules will be asked to leave and may be banned from the fishery
  • Ashmoor Lakes is monitored by CCTV cameras at all times

Toilet Facilities

The onsite toilet is now CLOSED FOR WINTER

Send Us Your Photos!

Send those photos in, no matter what the species is!

We proudly boast being a MIXED coarse fishery, not another Carp Hole, so we love to see all our fish selection.


Caught any BIG and BEAUTIFUL fish at Ashmoor Lakes and got the photos to prove it?

Why not send the snaps to us at ashmoorlakes@hotmail.co.uk!


Don't forget, it doesn't matter how big your catch is, we want to see the photos! And so does everyone else!

Not only does it give you a chance to show off your catch, and get you posted on our website and Instagram page (ashmoorlakesfishery), but it also helps us too. We can see the quality and health of our fishes from your captures, and help us to maintain and care for our piscatorial pets much better.


We would also love to see any wildlife or nature photos taken from the fishery, as the abundance of animals and plants found at the fishery is great to see and how off too!


Please ensure you add your name and weight on the emails of any fish photos you send to us.

Recent Photos

Ray Balmain caught this new Personal Best Common Carp weighing 14.15oz. Congratulations!

Rightfully pleased with his catch is John Cross with a chunky Common Carp

A lovely little Ghost Carp for George McMurray

Jamie Alexander with a Winter Common Carp from Lake 2

The Passionate Piscator Steve Self with a brace of 1lb Roach taken on the float with red maggot

'The Lazy Carpers' Ryan put his Carp rods away and ventured down to Ashmoor to target one of our usually untargeted fish species and caught up with this 3lb 8oz Perch!

Luke with a rarely caught Grass Carp from Lake 3

A double figure Mirror Carp weighing 12lb 6oz caught by Ashmoor regular Aaron Chuck from the surface 

Aaron Chuck with an 8lb 10oz classic Ashmoor Common Carp

A chunky 8lb+ Mirror Carp caught by Aaron Chuck off off the surface

Steve Wells and a clonking 11lb 7oz Mirror Carp caught from Lake 3 

7lb 3oz Common Carp captured by Steve Wells

A 6lb Ghost Carp caught by Steve Wells

Steve Wells and beautifully scaled 5lb 6oz Mirror Carp

A rare Grass Carp capture! Steve Self caught this 8lb 15oz fish with a free-lined, slowly wafting bread hookbait

A 4lb Spring Barbel caught by Steve Self using float fished soft hooker pellet in the margins

Steve Self with a surface fished 11lb 1oz Mirror Carp using bread flake