Welcome to Ashmoor Lakes!

Ashmoor Lakes is within the beautifully wooded area of Ashmoor Copse, we have 3 lakes over about an acre of land. The lakes have many swims, mostly single swims, but there are few doubles. The ponds are well landscaped and have reeds and lilies to create features to fish to.


There is a lot of wildlife in and around the lakes and regular visitors are ducks, Buzzards, Kingfishers and all manner of song birds. Keep an eye out for our resident grass snakes in the spring and summer and woodpeckers making use of the few surrounding dead trees.


All 3 lakes are joined underground by a series of pipes to allow all the fish to move between the 3 ponds, meaning that where ever you sit, there is always a chance of catching all the fish species that reside here.

We are a mixed fishery and species include Carp, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch and Barbel. There are also the odd Grass Carp, Golden Rudd, Chub and Goldfish to be found too.


Facilities on site include net dips and a toilet.


Day tickets are £7 per angler for one rod, £10 per angler for 2 rods, and anglers pay from the bank, so you can turn up and start fishing straight away

Ashmoor News!

Send Us Your Photos!

Don't forget to take photographs of some of your best fish and send them to us using the 'contact us' page and we will show off your fish here on the website. Some of these fish are too beautiful to keep to yourself!


Also, we welcome any photos you take of the lakes and the surrounding nature.

After all, Ashmoor Lakes isn't just about the fishing!


Check out the galleries of existing photos in the Catch, Lake and Nature Photos sections.


And don't forget to include your name, fish weights, and any other information in your email.

Toilet Facilities

Just a quick reminder to all anglers fishing at Ashmoor during the colder months that the onsite toilet will be closed until all risk of frost has passed.

Clay Shoot Fixtures for 2017

Every other Sunday there is a clay shoot held in Ashmoor Copse.

On this day, Ashmoor Lakes will be CLOSED to all anglers and visitors until 2pm.


I have added the new shoot dates on the SHOOT FIXTURES page.


Click on the link above to see which Sunday mornings we are closed to anglers. 

Wildlife at Ashmoor

October 2016

Wildlife at Ashmoor

September 2016

Wildlife at Ashmoor

August 2016

Ron Catches A New Ashmoor Record

Regular Ashmoor Lakes angler Ron Seal now happily holds the record for the biggest Barbel caught on the venue at 5lb 7oz, and also the second biggest Barbel at 5lb 5oz! Well done Ron! (Aug 2016)

Wildlife at Ashmoor

July 2016

Crafty Capture

Pete craftily captured this 11lb common carp using floating bread crust.

It took some catching through the hordes of bream, but good things come to those who bait! (July 2016)

Wildlife at Ashmoor

June 2016

Ashmoor Lakes in Summer

June 2016

Ron Continues to Bag Up!

Regular angler to Ashmoor Lakes, Ron Seal, continues to dominate the carp fishing with his surface fishing tactics.

Ron tells us that his new quest is to catch one of Ashmoor Lakes fabled 20lb+ carp, his biggest fish from Ashmoor so far standing at in impressive 18lb 6oz.

We reckon if anyone can do it, Ron can!

(June 2016)

Flushed with success

Theo was a happy angler indeed to capture this stunning mirror carp.

Thanks to Hope sending us the picture not only will Theo's shiny scaled fish be shown off here on the website, but also in the 'famous' Ashmoor Lakes Toilet Photograph wall, as requested. (June 2016) 

Double-figure Delight!

Gavin Dawber caught this impressive 13lb 11oz common carp from Lake 2 this weekend. What a cracking fish Gavin, and just in time for the bailiff sneaking up behind you too! (June 2016)

Wildlife at Ashmoor

May 2016

A Bonus Grassie

Looks like Ron had another fantastic day targeting the carp at Ashmoor Lakes, and this time among the Cyprinus carpio he was lucky enough to hook into one of our rarer fish, the Ctenopharyngodon idella, or grass carp to you and me. Fantastic catch! And quite the fighter on the line according to Ron (May 2016)

Another Great day at Ashmoor

Another sunny day at Ashmoor Lakes resulted in quite a haul again for the lads, with plenty of carp taking bread off the surface (May 2016)

Off the top

Steve Self sporting a 8lb 9oz Mirror Carp caught on the surface with some floating bread crust (May 2016)

Sweet Breams

It's not all about the carp at Ashmoor Lakes as Lewis Worger found with this lovely little bream.

Believe it or not, when Ashmoor Lakes was first stocked with skimmers there were only 50 fish added. Anyone who fishes maggot on the feeder no will understand how well they have bred!

Lovely fish, Lewis. Thanks for the photo! (May 2016)

Showing them how it's done

These 3 photos show just how it is when it comes to fishing, the ladies always catch the biggest fish! And to rub more salt into the lads' wounds, this was her first fish!

Top angling! (May 2016)

Wildlife at Ashmoor

April 2016

Short Session Selection

With a half an hour to spare, and half a pint of maggots the passionate piscator Steve Self had a lovely time sampling the selection of different species of fish found at Ashmoor Lakes.

Carp, rudd, bream, tench, perch and hybrids all enjoyed his float fished offerings, fished close to the near margins. (April 2016)

Surface caught clonker

Andrew Grinham caught this chunky 15lb 5oz mirror carp using bread on the surface, one of the best ways to target the carp at Ashmoor Lakes. The biggest photographed carp from Ashmoor this year! Cracking capture, Andrew! (April 2016)

Wildlife at Ashmoor

March 2016

Wildlife at Ashmoor

February 2016

Ashmoor Perch for Aaron

Aaron Chuck caught this chunky perch on a very rainy short fishing session, along with a good selection of other silver fish and carp. Ashmoor's perch population are growing! (February 2016)

Wildlife at Ashmoor

January 2016

Epic Perch capture for Gareth

Gareth had a fantastic day fishing at Ashmoor catching a large mixed bag of fish despite the cooler weather, but the crowning fish of the day was this perch weighing 2lb 6oz.

This is the biggest photographed perch caught at Ashmoor. An epic capture Gareth, well done!

(January 2016)

Festive Fishing

Festive fishing at Ashmoor Lakes as usual for Steve, showing off one of his many fish from a Christmas session here at the lakes. Steve caught many carp off of the surface using bread crust, and many more perch legering on the bottom using prawns. (December 2015)

Sarah Smashes another Personal Best

Ashmoor favourite Sarah landed this beautiful Mirror Carp recently, smashing her personal best! Top fishing! (July 2015)

A new Ashmoor Lakes record!

Sarah isn't one of Ashmoor lakes' number 1 fans for nothing, as she continues to visit the lakes regularly, and catch some fantastic fish, as well as sending us some lovely photos of the fish she has caught.

But Sarah was more than a little surprised when she hooked into, what is now officially Ashmoor Lakes biggest barbel weighing 3lb 11oz!

Congratulations Sarah! Keep up the awesome fishing! 

Sarah also caught some other lovely Ashmoor fish, a lovely little golden coloured common carp, and one of Ashmoor's slightly rarer fishes, a little chub! Brilliant! (June 2015)

Sarah and John's Ashmoor Haul

Sarah with a 1lb 8oz barbel lovingly named by her as 'One Eyed Willy', as the fish has a damaged left eye! In the past 3 weeks of fishing, this same barbel has been caught by Sarah and John every time!

John's lovely 10oz perch

Sarah's first ever carp

John sowcasing one of Ashmoor's famous bream

Sarah's 2nd ever carp, named by her as 'Parrot Mouth', as it's mouth looks like a parrots!

A tubby 5lb 12oz common carp caught by John

A beautifully scaled mirror carp caught by John, weighing 7lb.

Sarah's baby tench

2 of Ashmoor's biggest fans, Sarah and John, had a fantastic haul of fish from Lake 1, with Sarah catching her first ever carp! Well done guys! (JUNE 2105)