Fish Species at Ashmoor Lakes:

BREAM (up to 4lb)


Often called Common Bream found in rivers, lakes and canals. Bream have a flattened body, and a high back. Silver in colour when young, turning browner as the fish gets older and larger.

A bottom feeding fish, Bream can be caught in large quantities at Ashmoor Lakes.

BARBEL (6lb+)


Traditionally a river species, Barbel are slim and streamlined. They have an under turned mouth with 4 barbules. A bottom feeding species the Barbel are a new fish species to Ashmoor Lakes, and are very popular for their hard fighting.

COMMON CARP (up to 22lb)


Easily distinguished among the Carp species as being large and covered with small scales all over its body. Colours range from golden to silver. A very popular fish species and can grow very large.

MIRROR CARP (up to 25lb)


Easily told apart from Common Carp due to the large random scales on its body. Generally deeper bodied than the Common Carp, Ashmoor Lakes also holds recognized variations on the Mirror carp, the Linear Mirror Carp (large scales in a line across the body of the fish, but nowhere else) and the Leather Carp (having no scales at all on its body).

CRUCIAN CARP (up to 2lb)


A lot smaller than its larges cousins, the Crucian Carp is golden in colour and looks a lot like a brown goldfish, and are indeed often confused with them.

Crucian Carp are shy sensitive biters and are often missed by anglers.

There are also Goldfish to be caught in Ashmoor Lakes, these are easily recognized by being bright orange!


GRASS CARP (up to 10lb)


Torpedo shaped and often a very pale colour, the Grass Carp has no barbels on its mouth, unlike other carp species. It is easy to tell from other carp species also as it had a flat mouth. 

It eats mostly aquatic plants and is hard to catch at Ashmoor through the schools of other Carp species, but it can be done!

CHUB (up to 2lb)


Traditionally a river species, the Chub is predatory, has a long body and thick rubbery lips. Body colour is mostly silver/ grey going into brown. When small can be easily told apart from other silver fish like roach and rudd by having a rounded anal fin.

The Chub is a new species to Ashmoor Lakes.

ROACH (up to 1lb 8oz)


Silver in colour, sometimes blueish, the red finned Roach is the most common fish in Britain. Often found schools in rivers, ponds, lakes and canals.

RUDD (up to 1lb 8oz)


Often confused by anglers with the roach, the Rudd's main differences are having a dorsal fin set further back than a roach, have upturned mouths (as they are surface feeding fish) and are often deeper bodied.

GOLDEN RUDD (up to 1lb 8oz)


Exactly the same fish as the Rudd, exept the Golden Rudd has been bred for the ornamental fishes market. Bright orange in colour with a dark top of the body.

PERCH (3lb+)


The Perch is easily recognized by its green colouring and its dark striped bars running down its body. It has a spined dorsal fin and spined gill covers making careful handling essential. It is a predatory fish and often eats smaller fish including smaller Perch.

TENCH (up to 2lb)


Easily told apart from other fish, the Tench is olive green in colour with red eyes and large fins, including a broad, rounded tail.

Tench are a bottom feeding species and are more easily caught at Ashmoor Lakes during the warmer months.

GOLDEN ORFE (up to 2lb)


Golden Orfe are very rare at Ashmoor Lakes, but they are sometimes caught when fishing the surface layers of the lakes.

Looking a little like a Chub, they are easily distinguished by the golden orange colouring