Hall of Fame

Like the Phoenix from the ashes of the lockdown, Ashmoor Lakes is open again, and the fishing is bigger and better than ever!

To celebrate the return of the fishing, the Hall of Fame has been started afresh from our reopening in 2021! 

This area is for the biggest fish photos sent to us of each species at Ashmoor Lakes.

Any and all species are welcome!


Just click on the tabs above to see the biggest of the species sent to us.


Don't see a tab for the species of fish you have caught and photoed from Ashmoor in the tabs? It's because we haven't received one yet! Send those photos in, no matter what the species is!

We proudly boast being a MIXED coarse fishery, not another Carp Hole, so we love to see all our fish selection.


Caught any BIG and BEAUTIFUL fish at Ashmoor Lakes and got the photos to prove it?

Why not send the snaps to us at ashmoorlakes@hotmail.co.uk and enter our Hall of Fame!


Don't forget, it doesn't matter how big your catch is, we want to see the photos! And so does everyone else!

Not only does it give you a chance to show off your catch, and get you posted on our website and Instagram page (ashmoorlakesfishery), but it also helps us too. We can see the quality and health of our fishes from your captures, and help us to maintain and care for our piscatorial pets much better.

We would also love to see any wildlife or nature photos taken from the fishery, as the abundance of animals and plants found at the fishery is great to see and how off too!


Please ensure you add your name and weight on the emails of any fish photos you send to us.


  • We will be the judge of genuine Rudd, Bream and Roach compared to hybrid fishes.
  • With fish weighing the same, the newest photo will be put first.
  • If your photo does not appear here, it is because your name or the weight of the fish were not included with the photo or there was some dispute over accuracy of weight compared to the fish in the photo.