Shoot Fixtures:

Every other Sunday there is a clay shoot held in Ashmoor Copse.

On this day, Ashmoor Lakes will be CLOSED to all anglers and visitors until 2pm.

After 2pm on these Sundays, fishing will be permitted. 

The following is a list of all days that the lakes will be holding a clay shoot:


January            13th     27th


February          10th     24th


March               10th     24th


April                 7th     21st   


May                 5th     19th


June                 2nd     16th     30th


July                  14th     28th


August              11th     25th


September        8th     22nd


October             6th     20th

November        3rd     17th


December        1st     15th     29th



For more clay shoot information at Three Counties Shoot at Ashmoor Copse on the dates above visit: